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6 Cheap Ways To Make Your Dog’s Day

The Thanksgiving holiday is just a couple weeks off. We are so thankful for our canine pals! Dogs are absolutely adorable, not to mention loving, loyal, loyal, and playful. They also serve as living reminders that sometimes the best things…

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Puppy Biting Tips

Did you recently adopt a puppy? Congratulations! A new puppy is one of the few things that can bring so much joy and laughter into our lives. Fido will always be charming, but at this special stage, he’s almost impossibly…

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Safety Tips For The Dog Park

Does your dog get super excited when he hears the word ‘park?’ The dog park may very well be one of Fido’s favorite spots! Your canine pal will both enjoy and benefit from being able to interact and play with…

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Pit Bull Awareness Day

Did you know that October 24th is National Pit Bull Awareness Month? Even if you don’t have a pit yourself, there’s a good chance you know someone who does. Pit bulls and pit bull mixes make up a whopping 20…

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9 Signs That Your Pet Is In Pain

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Our furry buddies may be very good at making their points when they want treats, walks, or lap space, but they sometimes have trouble letting on when they are in pain. To complicate matters,…

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Caring For A Deaf Cat

National Deaf Pet Awareness Week begins Sunday, September 19th. This is definitely a topic that could use more attention. Just about one percent of our adorable feline friends is deaf. Fluffy can still lead a full and happy life if…

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