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Pica In Dogs

Have you ever come home and found that your canine pal has eaten your shoes, or chewed up your sofa? This may go beyond Fido’s natural need to chew. There’s actually a specific name for this behavior: pica. The whats,…

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Celebrating The Aristocats: Marie Day

Did you grow up on Disney cartoon movies? Those animated classics feature some adorable animals! While icons like Bambi, Dumbo, and Eor may get top billing, Marie, the cute kitty from the Aristocats, also has a lot of fans. In…

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February Is Dog Training Education Month

Have you recently adopted a puppy? That’s great news! Now that your little fella has settled in, have you started to notice his penchant for chewing on things, like slippers and couch cushions? When this happens, a little dog training…

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Snow Dog Care Tips

Does anyone have a snow dog? Snow dogs aren’t an official AKC group all their own: most dogs that fall in this category are actually part of the working group. However, dogs with thick fur, such as Malamutes, huskies, Akitas,…

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New Gadgets For Pets

Happy Holidays to all! Since it’s December, that means it’s time to start holiday shopping for many of us. And don’t forget to pick up a gift for your pet! Classic options, like toys and treats, are always good choices….

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International Animal Rights Day

International Animal Rights Day is officially December 10th. On this day, animal rights advocates across the world take a stand for the respect and fair treatment that animals deserve every day. Interestingly, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights observance falls…

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