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The Queen’s Corgis

September 16, 2022

All eyes are on Britain this week, with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled longer than many of us have been alive. As you may know, the monarch was known for her love of corgis: specifically, the Pembroke Welsh Corgis. A local vet discusses these pampered pups below.

Pampered Pups

As you can probably guess, being the Queen’s pet is a pretty sweet gig. The 30-some corgis that the monarch owned over the course of her life slept in cushioned baskets, and ate things like steak, rabbit, and chicken from silver platters. The pups, who had names like Plover, Disco, and Mint, were always fed in order of seniority. They also each got their own Christmas stockings.

Beloved Pooches

It’s not hard to see why so many Brits fell in love with these cute pups. However, not everyone was enamored with them. Princess Diana once referred to them as a ‘moving carpet’!

A Furry Legacy

The Queen stopped breeding corgis in 2015, because she didn’t want to leave any behind. However, she made an exception in 2021, when Prince Andrew, along with his daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, gave her a puppy to mark what would have been Prince Philip’s 100th birthday.

Plucky Pups

These cute little pooches are extremely intelligent, and are actually known for herding cattle. Given that said cattle are quite a bit larger than corgis are, that’s pretty impressive!

While corgis were the Queen’s favorite, there are many other fascinating dog breeds with rich histories and unique characteristics. For instance, you might be interested in learning about another iconic breed: Spotlight On The St. Bernard.


Queen Elizabeth was first enchanted by corgis at a young age, when she was charmed by the pups owned by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. On her 18th birthday, her father gave her a corgi of her own. That dog, Susan, accompanied her on her honeymoon. All of her other corgis were descended from Susan’s puppies.


The royal corgis were the inspiration for a movie. In the film, aptly titled The Queen’s Corgis, the Queen’s favorite pooch gets lost and ends up in a dog fighting club, and must find his way back home.


True to royal form, the corgis have had a few scandals of their own. Apparently a footman was demoted for pouring booze into the pups’ bowls, and watching them stagger about “with great relish.” We definitely agree with the Queen’s anger on this one. Alcohol is actually very dangerous to dogs!

Our Advice on The Queen’s Corgis in 2024

Were there any specific health issues that the Queen’s corgis faced due to their unique breeding and lifestyle?

The Queen’s corgis, pampered as they were, faced certain health issues linked to their breeding and lifestyle. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are prone to hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and intervertebral disc disease due to their long bodies and short legs. Additionally, their rich diet, including steak and chicken, might have predisposed them to obesity and related problems. Despite their luxurious care, these hereditary conditions and lifestyle factors necessitate regular veterinary check-ups and weight management to ensure the well-being of corgis in similar environments.

Did the Queen’s corgis receive any special training or participate in any official royal events?

The Queen’s corgis received special training primarily for socialization and obedience to ensure they were well-behaved in the royal household. These dogs did not typically participate in official royal events but were often present at informal gatherings and family occasions. Their role was more as beloved companions rather than active participants in formal events. However, their presence and the Queen’s affection for them were well-known, contributing to their iconic status and frequent appearances in royal photographs and media, further endearing them to the public.

How did the Queen’s corgis interact with other members of the royal family and their pets?

The Queen’s corgis interacted closely with other members of the royal family, often forming part of the household’s daily life. While adored by the Queen, not everyone shared the same sentiment; Princess Diana famously referred to them as a “moving carpet.” These interactions were generally harmonious, though occasional minor disputes between the corgis and other royal pets occurred, typical of multi-pet households. The corgis’ socialization training helped mitigate potential conflicts, ensuring they coexisted relatively peacefully within the royal environment, contributing to their cherished place in the family.

Were there any notable instances where the Queen’s corgis caused diplomatic incidents or gained international attention?

While the Queen’s corgis were mostly known for their endearing presence, they occasionally garnered international attention. One notable incident involved a footman who was demoted for pouring whiskey into the dogs’ water bowls, which resulted in them staggering around, causing quite a scandal. This incident highlighted the strict care standards expected for the royal pets and drew media coverage worldwide. Although generally not involved in diplomatic affairs, the corgis’ antics and the Queen’s affection for them often captured global interest, reinforcing their iconic status.

Did the Queen’s corgis have any offspring that were given to other members of the royal family or prominent figures?

The Queen’s corgis had several offspring, some of which were given to other members of the royal family and close associates. These puppies, all descended from the Queen’s first corgi, Susan, were often gifted to spread the joy and companionship the Queen found in her pets. For instance, some corgis were given to the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. This tradition not only strengthened familial bonds but also helped perpetuate the legacy of the royal corgis, ensuring that their lineage and the Queen’s fondness for them continued within the royal circle.

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