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Caring For A Deaf Cat

National Deaf Pet Awareness Week begins Sunday, September 19th. This is definitely a topic that could use more attention. Just about one percent of our adorable feline friends is deaf. Fluffy can still lead a full and happy life if…

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Spotlight on Assistance Dogs

International Assistance Dog Week starts today, August 1st. Plus, International Assistance Dog Day is coming up on the 4th. Dogs are truly amazing animals! Fido’s loyalty, intuition, intelligence, and hard work are special gifts. These special traits are all crucial…

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Your Dog and Chocolate

World Chocolate Day was July 7th. However, while we are happy to celebrate this important holiday, this is one festivity you don’t want to let your pet partake in. Chocolate is very dangerous to our four-legged friends! A local veterinarian…

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What to Know About Grain-Free Dog Food

You may have heard about grain-free or gluten-free products over the past few years, or noticed them popping up on store shelves. They’ve gained a lot of popularity recently, especially with those following keto or low-carb diets. Grain-free products have…

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Blue-Green Algae: A Lurking Danger to Pets

Have you heard of cyanobacteria? Commonly known as blue-green algae, this is an extremely dangerous type of algae that can be found in warm, nutrient-rich water. Cyanobacteria can make both people and pets very sick. Unfortunately, it can even be…

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Meet the Persian

Do you have a Persian cat? The Persian is one of the most popular breeds in the world. These adorable, fluffy kitties are very sweet and lovable pets! A veterinarian discusses the Persian below. History The Persian has a fairly…

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