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Dr. Scott Sargent

Dr. Scott Sargent

DVM, Owner

Dr. Scott Sargent grew up on a dairy farm southwest of Peterborough. He attended North Cavan Public School and Crestwood Secondary School. In his early years of high school, he travelled with his local veterinarian. One night he was asked to help with a cow that was having difficulty calving. The veterinarian performed a caesarian section on this cow, bringing a live calf into the world. That was the night Scott decided he would become a veterinarian! After graduating from high school, Scott went on to the University of Guelph, where he graduated in 1986 with a BSc. He continued his studies in veterinary medicine, graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1990.

After graduation, Dr. Sargent worked in Campbellford, Stratford and Picton before moving home and marrying his wife Trish in 1999. After working in the area for 6 years, he purchased the Viceroy Homes sales office on Hwy 7 and renovated it to become Peterborough West Animal Hospital in 2006. Along with the enjoyment he receives from helping animals stay healthy on a daily basis through routine wellness examinations, Dr. Sargent has a keen interest in soft tissue surgery and digital radiography. Scott and Trish have a son named Mackenzie (Mack), who was born in 2004. They have 2 pugs named Poppy and Audrey, and 4 cats named Cliff, Norm, Midge and Two Scoops. They live on a farm in Cavan Township, not far from the clinic, where they have a small vineyard of cold climate grapes. Scott and Trish enjoy caring for these grape vines and producing wine from them. The whole family enjoys fishing and golfing, and Mack now loves hockey.

Dr. Alexis Smith

Dr. Alexis Smith


Dr. Alexis Smith grew up on a horse farm just outside of Caledon, Ontario where her family bred and raised Hanoverian Warmbloods. From a very young age she had an interest in veterinary medicine, but it was in high school that she got the opportunity to work at her local clinic as a veterinary assistant and a client care representative. With a specific interest in STEM (science, technology engineering and mathematics), Alexis pursued her second semester of her final year of high school at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto, where she involved herself with assisting in science workshops for students and visitors of all ages.

Focused on attaining her veterinary degree, Alexis applied and was accepted to the 5 year Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery program at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at the University of Edinburgh. Moving to Scotland was a big change, and it proved to be a wonderful experience. During her time at school Alexis pursued rotations in small and large animal medicine and surgery – not only seeing practice in Canada and in Scotland, but also in England, Switzerland, and France. She developed a particular interest in internal medicine, client communication and education, dentistry, and dermatology.

After graduation Dr. Alexis moved to Cornwall, Ontario to work in companion animal practice. Within a few short weeks of starting practice she adopted a kitten, “Stewart”, that had been brought into the practice to receive medical care after being hit by a car and thus became a cat-mom.

In August 2019, Dr. Alexis elected to move closer to Caledon, and started work at Peterborough West Animal Hospital. Dr. Alexis is excited to meet and share in the care for all new and established PWAH patients.

Dr. Katie Richardson

Dr. Katie Richardson

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Katie Richardson has always wanted to serve as a voice for those who can’t necessarily speak for themselves. Being an advocate for the well-being of pets is simply something she was born to do. That’s why she decided to become a veterinarian and make a direct impact on as many families as she possibly could. Dr. Richardson is proud to do just that as a member of the Peterborough West Animal Hospital team!

Dr. Richardson is from Cobourg, Ontario, and grew up riding horses and owning all sorts of pets at home. She was only in high school when she started volunteering at vet clinics around Peterborough. Dr. Richardson relocated to Scotland to study zoology at St. Andrews University, traveling throughout Europe and abroad during her four years of undergraduate coursework—she even worked with wildlife veterinarians in South African safari parks! Next, she attended the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh, Scotland and discovered her love for companion animal medicine during her final year.

After becoming a veterinarian, Dr. Richardson decided to move to Florida, where she began working at a clinic in Boca Raton. After three rewarding years there, she relocated again back to Canada to be with her fiancé. That was in the fall of 2020, and it wasn’t long before Dr. Richardson had signed on here at Peterborough West Animal Hospital. She couldn’t be happier with her choice!

Medically, Dr. Richardson is fond of dermatology and internal medicine work, and she’s recently taken a stronger interest in feline medicine. Above all, she likes providing the best possible care to her patients and making an impact on the lives of the community’s families every day.

Outside of work, Dr. Richardson likes working out, running, traveling, and spending time with her family and pets. She and her fiancé live with two cats: Willow Rose, a snowshoe Siamese who Dr. Richardson adopted upon moving to Florida; and a Tuxedo kitten named Jax who insists on being around people all day long.

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