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7 Ways To Prepare Your Pet For An Emergency

Disaster Preparedness Week falls during the first week of May here in Canada. This awareness event is targeted towards people, but it is also highly relevant to pets. Although we sincerely hope that none of you ever have to cope…

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Exercising An Older Dog

Is your dog starting to show signs of aging? Fido may have developed some grey hairs around his muzzle. Or maybe you’ve observed a decrease in his enthusiasm for playing or chasing squirrels lately. It’s only to be expected that…

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Protecting Your Dog From Heartworms

It’s Heartworm Awareness Month. It’s also National Brunch Month, National Pecan Month, and National Poetry Month. While those are definitely more enjoyable topics, heartworms are more in our wheelhouse. Every dog owner should be aware of these harmful and ugly…

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Ways To Soothe Itching In Pets

Have you noticed your furry pal seems a bit itchy lately? If Fluffy or Fido only occasionally scratches themselves, it’s probably nothing to worry about. We all get the occasional itch! However, persistent or frantic itching is a sign that…

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