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Fall Dangers and Your Pet

September 27, 2017

Fall Dangers and Your Pet

Ready or not, fall is approaching. The white pants are put away, the trips to the beach come to a halt, the kids are back in school, and cinnamon spice candles and fall decorations cover the house! The team at Peterborough West Animal hospital loves this time of year and the start of the holiday season. With all the allure and beauty of the season, unfortunately, there are some common pet emergencies that we see at Peterborough West Animal Hospital. We wanted to take a moment to prepare everyone for common fall pet dangers.

Football parties and food

It’s officially football season, and everyone loves hosting the game. Unfortunately, the veterinarians at Peterborough West Animal Hospital will see upset stomachs during the fall because of table scraps and dangerous foods that guests give pets.

Dogs and cats are used to eating the same food every day. Their gastrointestinal tracts develop natural flora (or bacteria) that specifically digest their regular food. When dogs eat something that they are unaccustomed to, such as nachos and chicken wings, they can develop severe inflammation, vomiting and diarrhea. It can also lead to more serious conditions such as pancreatitis.

In addition to foreign foods, the team at Peterborough West Animal Hospital want you to be aware that some foods are toxic to our pets, such as grapes, onions, garlic and raisins. Some foods can present a risk for choking, such as:

The Doctors at Peterborough West Animal Hospital have surgically removed all of these items, which can be very costly and stressful. Make sure to talk to your guests, especially kids, before parties and remind them not to feed your pets any food. You want to enjoy the party too, not spend it looking after a pet with an upset stomach.

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