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Off-leash Dog Park Rules

March 20, 2014

Rules and Regulations

Use at your own risk

1. Poop N’ Scoop is MANDATORY. You must pick up after your dog!

2. All dogs must be friendly to people and other dogs.

3. Dogs with aggressive behavior must leave the park immediately.

4. In ALL cases owners or caretakers are legally responsible for any damages caused by their dog to any person, animal or property.

5. You must be present and have sight of your dog at all times.

6. All dogs must be current on DHP, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations and on a regular deworming schedule.

7. Dogs in heat or less than 16 weeks old shall not be permitted in the park.

8. Dogs must be on leash outside the fenced in park.

9. Food/Treats are prohibited in the park.

10. Leashes, prong collars and choke chains should be removed once inside the park.

11. Please provide your own water.

Most of all have fun!!!

Contact us, your local animal hospital in Peterborough, ON!