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Keeping Your Cat Entertained

November 1, 2020

The average housecat leads a pretty charmed life. Fluffy gets to basically spend her time lounging around, looking cute, napping, eating, and quietly (or loudly) judging her humans. That sounds pretty nice! However, it may surprise you to know that kitties can get bored. Even the laziest furball needs something to do in between those 37 daily naps! A Peterborough, ON vet discusses keeping kitties amused below.


First and foremost, make sure Fluffy has plenty of toys to bat around. Kitties all have their own individual tastes, so pay attention and see what your pet likes best. One furball may like squeaky toys, while another may prefer playing ‘soccer’ with little balls.

Window View

When Fluffy isn’t busy practicing her pounces, she will appreciate having a comfy spot with an interesting view. Give your furball at least one good window seat. Your feline pal may spend hours watching birds and squirrels and daydreaming about being a ferocious predator.


While it’s important for Fluffy to have some things she can use by herself, interactive toys are really the most fun for her. When you control your kitty’s ‘prey,’ you can make playtime much more fun, exciting, and challenging for her. Keep a wand toy or laser pointer near your favorite comfy chair, and try to play with your cat every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Fun Environment

No matter how big or small your place is, there are things you can do to make it more interesting for your feline buddy. Cats love to explore things, so set out newspaper tunnels, boxes, and kitty tunnels for Fluffy to investigate. You may also want to give your furry friend some furniture that encourages her to jump and climb. Cat towers are great for this! Another option is to put some pet-safe plants around the house. Check the ASPCA site for suggestions. Your place will look and smell fresh, and your playful pet will enjoy sniffing and nibbling on green leaves.

Background Noise

One great thing about cats is the fact that they are so independent. Fluffy will be just fine by herself if you have to leave her alone while you go to work. However, we do recommend leaving a radio on, for background noise.

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