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Holiday tips!

December 14, 2018

Please do not feed the dog (or cat)!

Even if Buster stares at you with big, sad eyes, be strong, and give him a toy to nibble on instead of a turkey bone or food scraps. Chewing on bones can cause splinters resulting in serious injuries, while chocolate and other sweets are a big NO NO! Not to mention how overindulging on holiday goodies can give your furry friend acute indigestion. So share the love this holiday season, but not the buffet. And call us if your pet accidentally chows down on some holiday treats!

Paws off the tinsel

Does your cat like to play with shiny things? Well, that’s a silly question – almost all of them do! But tree decorations can seriously harm your favourite feline, especially angel hair tinsel… If ingested, it can block your kitty’s digestive system and need to be surgically removed. So give your cat some safe toys to play with, and avoid decorating with tinsel. Talk to us if you need suggestions on appropriate toys for your cat!

Not a party animal

Holiday gatherings can be stressful for your pet! Give your cat or dog a safe and quiet place to escape from the noise, strangers and unusual odours, and make sure your furry bestie has a good time too. Natural supplements can also help your pet to cope with stressful events. Plan ahead and ask us about your options today!

Curiosity killed the cat

Dogs and cats are curious creatures, which is why it is best to keep your holiday decorations out-of-reach, especially any flowers or foliage you might want to display. Plants and flowers like lilies, mistletoe, poinsettias, and hollies can be toxic for your cat or dog. If you suspect that your pet has ingested some, contact us immediately.

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