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Fluffy’s Scratching Habits

December 1, 2020

Is Fluffy shredding your sofa? Cats have some very cute habits, such as purring, jumping into boxes, and yelling at their humans. They also have a few less charming ones, such as scratching. We can help! Here, a Peterborough, ON vet offers some tips on teaching your furball better etiquette.

Scratching Post

If you don’t want Fluffy using your favorite armchair as a nail-care station, you’ll need to offer her something more suitable. Cat towers really are the best option, as they also provide kitties with napping spots, jungle gyms, and, of course, lookout points. You can also use a scratching post or board. Make sure that whatever you use is tall enough to allow your feline buddy to stretch as she is doing her nails. Also, choose something that’s sturdy enough to withhold your furball’s shenanigans. Cats get quite wary of wobbly towers!


You may never be able to train Fluffy to Shake or Roll Over, but you can teach her proper scratching techniques. Start by making her scratching post more tempting. Add toys and catnip around it, and give her praise and treats on it. You’ll also want to discourage her from improper scratching. When your cute pet starts shredding your furniture, clap your hands, squirt her with water, or bang two pots together. This will hopefully annoy her enough to make her form a bad association with scratching improperly.

No Access

Another thing that may help is to block Fluffy’s access to the area she’s been using. Put an end table or potted plant beside the sofa she’s scratching. If she’s using a wall or corner, put clear, two-sided tape there. It won’t show, but may help. Kitties hate that sticky feeling!


We probably don’t have to tell you that cats tend to do what they want, not what they’re told. If you’re just not having any luck, consider getting your furry little diva’s nails clipped. This is painless and temporary for kitties. We only advise this for indoor pets, however: if your cat goes outdoors, she’ll need those claws for defense. Another last-resort solution for indoor furballs is the claw cap. This is sort of like a press-on nail for Fluffy. Your feline pal can even sport fashionable colors! Ask your vet for more information.

As your Peterborough, ON veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. While addressing behavioral issues like scratching is important, it’s also crucial to maintain your cat’s overall health. For information about our comprehensive wellness services, including vaccinations and regular health check-ups, visit our Veterinary Wellness & Pet Vaccinations page. Please contact us anytime to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about your cat’s health and well-being.

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