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Everything you wanted to know about FLEAS but were afraid to ask!

August 10, 2018

Fleas are well known as voracious feeders. They’re small, fast, and cause irritation to pets and people alike. In addition to physical discomfort, they transmit a number of diseases. If that wasn’t bad enough, the flea is forever connected with the Black Death.

What Peterborough West Animal Hospital wants you to know about fleas? If you have a dog or cat, you’ll want to be educated on fleas. These annoying parasites can carry and transmit several illnesses:

Flea control

Flea control has gotten a lot simpler and more effective over the years. Regular, year-round use of flea control is the best way to control fleas and prevent discomfort from flea bites as well as preventing diseases carried by fleas. Please call the team at Peterborough West Animal Hospital to get our advice on the best flea control for your pet. If we have not seen your pet (in the last year) we will need to book an appointment to examine your pet to be sure that fleas are causing the “itch” and then prescribe the correct medication for your pet(s).