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Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog

September 28, 2011

Toys can serve many purposes for your dog – from entertainment and fun, to exercise, to oral health care. Not every toy is made equal, however. Before you purchase a toy for your pooch to play with, make sure it is of good quality and will meet the needs of you and your pet. Here are a few helpful tips from your Peterborough veterinarian on choosing the right toys for your dog.

Play Time

Toys can provide your dog with hours of entertainment, but before you stock up your pet’s toy box, be sure that the toys you purchase are small enough to fit comfortably in your pet’s mouth, but aren’t so small that they might be accidentally swallowed. Also check regularly for any rough edges that could cut your dog’s mouth during play.

Tasty Treats

Some dogs find tasty treats like rawhide, pig ears, and cow hooves delicious. However, some dogs’ stomachs simply cannot tolerate these items. Consult with your Peterborough veterinarian prior to purchasing these types of treats. Better yet, consider purchasing cornstarch-based edible toys instead, which are a safer alternative because they are completely digestible.

Teeth Cleaning

Good oral health is the cornerstone to your pet’s overall wellbeing. In addition to bringing your dog in for routine dental care with your Peterborough veterinarian, you can also provide your pet with toys that are specially designed to help remove tartar and plaque buildup. For comprehensive pet health care, including dental services, check out our Veterinary Wellness & Pet Vaccinations offerings.

Outdoor Toys

Toys can make the great outdoors even more fun for your pooch, such as nylon Frisbees, rubber balls, and other durable play things. Whatever toy you choose, be sure it is designed for a dog, and is an appropriate size to avoid choking hazards. Your Peterborough veterinarian would also advise that you carefully monitor older pets’ play, avoiding strenuous activities and watching for signs of fatigue or pain.

Indoor Toys

When it’s time to move the fun indoors, there are still a number of toys and activities for your dog to enjoy. Balls and tug toys are fun for indoor play, and a good game of fetch can work well in a larger room that affords ample space. If you also have a cat, make sure to keep their play areas separate. For tips on managing indoor cat needs, check out our guide on Litter Box 101.

Storage and Disposal

Consider keeping toys in a basket or bin that is located in a familiar place so that your dog can choose which toy to play with on his own. You should regularly go through and check for toys that are broken or worn out, and replace them, as recommended by your Peterborough veterinarian.

Toys can provide your dog with entertainment, exercise and fun – all of which is good for his overall health. These tips from your Peterborough, ON veterinarian should help you choose the right toys for your pet so that play time can be enjoyed safely.