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New Gadgets For Pets

December 15, 2021

Happy Holidays to all! Since it’s December, that means it’s time to start holiday shopping for many of us. And don’t forget to pick up a gift for your pet! Classic options, like toys and treats, are always good choices. But, if you want to give your furry friend something a bit more modern, keep reading! Here, a vet lists some gadgets for pets.

Camera/Treat Dispenser

Fewer things are cuter than seeing Fido get excited about a treat. With today’s new gadgets, you can enjoy these adorable moments both at home and at the office! The Furbo is a camera/treat dispenser that will help keep your puppy’s tail wagging when you’re out. They even include barking sensors that let you know if your pooch is speaking up. (This can come in handy for people whose dogs vocalize a lot when they are out.)

Remote Laser Pointer

Does your cat or dog love to play with laser pointers? If so, this may be a great option. Now, you can now get laser pointers that can be controlled remotely via an app and camera. Who doesn’t want to spend their lunch break playing with their pet?

GPS Trackers

One of the best things the technology sector has created in the last few decades are GPS systems. Many people would quite literally be lost without them! They can also be great for finding runaway dogs. With so many brands to choose from, be sure to do some research before buying. Look at things like subscription requirements, battery life, range, and reviews.

Feeder Bowls

You might not think there have been many changes when it comes to feeding Fido and Fluffy, but that’s not true. Now you can get several types of specialty bowls for your pet. Some are designed to be set at specific heights or angles to help your furry pal digest their food better, while others can help keep pets from eating too quickly. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Cat Backpacks

Is it hard to keep your cat indoors? Do the two of you love adventure? You can now carry Fluffy on your back when you go hiking or biking. And your kitty will be able to see out through a little porthole. (Note: not all cats are going to enjoy this. Results may vary.)

Happy Holidays! Please contact us anytime!


We hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us anytime.

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