Why You Need to Take Yours Cat to the Vet in a Carrier

 Does your cat hate their carrier? Probably, but it’s still really important that you use one when you’re transporting them somewhere – especially the veterinarian’s office.  Transporting a cat in a carrier is mostly for their own safety, although the cats might disagree with us there… Here are some of the most important reasons.


Keep Your Cat Safe

The number one reason for transporting your cat in a carrier  is safety, as we mentioned above. There are all kinds of things that could go wrong if your cat isn’t safe and cozy in their carrier. We at Peterborough West Animal Hospital hate to think about all the different scenarios, but there are many.  Here are our top three reasons!!

  • Ensure a safe car ride – What if you were to get into an accident?  If your cat is roaming the car freely, they are very likely to get hurt.  Not to mention they could jump out of a window or dart out of an open car door.  We have heard of a number of animals becoming lost after they have fled the car during or after the accident.
  • Prevent your cat from running away – Riding in the car can be a scary experience for cats. If they are scared, they may be more likely to run away if they get the chance. We had one case at Peterborough Animal Hospital where the caregiver of a cat opened the door of the car and the cat darted out!  In this scenario it could be hard to catch them.  You are probably going to be in an area where there are lots of cars around which proves to be yet another danger.
  • Some dogs don’t get along with cats – If you’ve managed to make it safely inside the veterinary office without the carrier, you now have to worry about dogs and other cats. At Peterborough West Animal Hospital we have a cat waiting area, but it does not preclude dogs from being there. There could also be dogs in the front vestibule that may not be cat friendly or are just excited.  This can prove to be very scary for your cat! You and your cat could end up hurt in this scenario.


Make your cats (and your) trip to the Vet is a Happy Trip


When you bring your cat to the vet without a carrier, it can make things harder for you and our staff. Every one of the Peterborough West Animal Hospital team members will do everything possible to make sure that your cat isn’t injured or put in harm’s way, but cats can still be vulnerable when not in the safety of their carrier.

Also, please try to limit one cat per carrier. At Peterborough West Animal Hospital we have seen some cats put in a carrier together and by the time they get to the hospital, they are very angry with each other. Of course, that makes them even more unhappy to be at our hospital.  It also makes it more difficult to remove them and put them back into their carriers.  At Peterborough West Animal Hospital we strive to make sure your cat has a positive experience so they are happy to return!

Don’t forget to make your cat comfortable in their carrier! Give them a blanket or towel to lie on. Avoid placing water dishes in the crate as they are likely to spill and get your kitty all wet.  If your kitty is really anxious going into his carrier, call Peterborough West Animal Hospital to get more information on Feliway – a product that can be sprayed in your cat’s carrier before you put your kitty in the carrier.  This “pheromone” spray is designed to act on your cat’s senses and provide him with a happy feeling.

Don’t worry if your cat has an “accident” in the carrier.  At Peterborough West Animal Hospital we see this frequently and one of our team members will be happy to clean it out for you while you are in with one of our veterinarians.  Be sure not to put any bedding in the carrier that you wouldn’t want to be soiled.


Whether you are a seasoned cat pro or this is your first trip to visit us at Peterborough West Animal Hospital with your kitty, hopefully these tips are helpful to you in some way!!  Again we strive to make this the most pleasant visit for both you and your cat.


 We are “pawsitively” devoted to you and your pet’s health.


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