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Creating a Pet First Aid Kit

April 15, 2015

 Brought to you by Peterborough West Animal Hospital:

Just like it is important to have an emergency first aid kit on hand for the members of your family, it is equally important to have one on hand for your furry family members as well.  An emergency can cause stress and panic and having the things you need ready to go and in one place can help to alleviate some of these emotions.

What is an emergency?

To start with, create a list with phone numbers and addresses, stored in a sealable sandwich bag to keep dry, including:

Secondly, some basic transportation equipment including:

Lastly, your basic first aid supplies which include:

Before you attempt any type of treatment with the supplies in your first aid kit, always make sure to speak with a veterinary professional at Peterborough West Animal Hospital or your local veterinary hospital first.

As stated above, never administer hydrogen peroxide to any pet without checking with a veterinary professional first, as sometimes it’s not appropriate to induce vomiting at home and never administer it to cats.

At Peterborough West Animal Hospital we are

“Pawsitively devoted to your best friend…..”


At Peterborough West Animal Hospital we are

“Pawsitively devoted to your best friend…..”


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