Overweight Pets Win by Losing…So Do their Owners

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Overweight Pets Win by Losing…So Do their Owners

logoMany of us make the same mistake — as a way of showing our love, we give our pets too much to eat. Let’s face it, pets enjoy eating, and when our pets are happy, we’re happy! Along with a food bowl filled to the brim, we’ll add treats, even table foods. Very soon, our pets are overweight. As loving pet owners, we wish our pets a long life filled with energy and vitality. Keeping our pets at their ideal weight can help fulfill that wish.


Time for a change

When our pets are diagnosed as “overweight” by a veterinarian, we may say, “but they’re happy and healthy,” or “it’s too much trouble to lose weight.” Considering the health problems associated with excess weight, losing weight is clearly worth the effort. Fortunately, there are ways to make weight loss attainable as well as humane.


The Loser Wins!

Since overweight pets are more prone to disease and thus shorter lives, it makes sense to assume that healthy weight pets have a better chance of living longer, healthier lives. Of course, like any positive lifestyle change, some sacrifices must be made, but once those pounds have been shed, your pet’s renewed agility; increased energy and improved quality of life will more than make up for the small sacrifices.


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