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  • For over 7 years, the caring and compassionate staff at Peterborough West Animal Hospital has been serving the people of Peterborough, Ontario and their beloved pets. Our goal is to provide the best available veterinary care while also offering superior service to our valued clients. We are a full service veterinary facility, offering a wide range of services for dogs and cats. These services include wellness visits, vaccinations, dentistry, digital radiology, laboratory, surgery, dermatology, nutrition, weight management, behavioral counseling, pharmacy, and microchipping. Our emergency services are provided by the Kawartha Veterinary Emergency clinic. http://www.kvec.ca/


    Top 10 Cat Dental Questions…and the Answers!

    Brought to you by Peterborough West Animal Hospital: For some inexplicable reason, cat owners seem to ask fewer questions about their kitty’s teeth and mouth than dog owners do. There are a few theories on … Read More »


    Top 10 Dog Dental Questions…and the Answers Part III!

    8. What’s that really big tooth in the middle of my dog’s upper jaw? The largest tooth in a dog’s mouth is the upper fourth premolar also known as the … Read More »


    Top 10 Dog Dental Questions…and the Answers Part II

    4. Can dogs regrow adult teeth if they lose them? This is a common myth asked about by many dog owners. Unlike species such as sharks, dogs can’t regrow lost … Read More »