In veterinary medicine, there are some conditions that simply cannot be seen or detected on the surface of the skin. This is why diagnostics are so important. These tools allow us to delve beneath the surface to identify, diagnose and treat a number of medical conditions. Veterinary diagnostics involves laboratory testing, such as blood tests and urinalysis, as well as more complex procedures, like digital x-ray, to discover the root cause of your pet’s symptoms. These tools provide us with the ability to reach a timely diagnosis so that the appropriate course of treatment can be developed and implemented. Our goal is to get your pet feeling back to normal as quickly as possible.


Peterborough West Animal Hospital uses cutting edge digital x-ray technology to manipulate and exchange images. This technology enables us to email the x-rays to specialists anywhere in the world. Digital x-ray machines have no toxic or dangerous chemicals that need to be disposed of. This not only eliminates exposure of our staff and your pets to these toxins, but also protects the environment from them as well.