Our Veterinarians

Dr. Scott Sargent

DVM, Owner

Dr. Scott Sargent grew up on a dairy farm southwest of Peterborough.  He attended North Cavan Public School and Crestwood Secondary School. In his early years of high school, he travelled with his local veterinarian. One night he was asked to help with a cow that was having difficulty calving. The veterinarian performed a caesarian section on this cow, bringing a live calf into the world. That was the night Scott decided he would become a veterinarian! After graduating from high school, Scott went on to the University of Guelph, where he graduated in 1986 with a BSc. He continued his studies in veterinary medicine, graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1990.

After graduation, Dr. Sargent worked in Campbellford, Stratford and Picton before moving home and marrying his wife Trish in 1999. After working in the area for 6 years, he purchased the Viceroy Homes sales office on Hwy 7 and renovated it to become Peterborough West Animal Hospital in 2006. Along with the enjoyment he receives from helping animals stay healthy on a daily basis through routine wellness examinations, Dr. Sargent has a keen interest in soft tissue surgery and digital radiography. Scott and Trish have a son named Mackenzie (Mack), who was born in 2004. They have 2 pugs named Poppy and Audrey, and 4 cats named Cliff, Norm, Midge and Two Scoops. They live on a farm in Cavan Township, not far from the clinic, where they have a small vineyard of cold climate grapes. Scott and Trish enjoy caring for these grape vines and producing wine from them. The whole family enjoys fishing and golfing, and Mack now loves hockey.
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Photo of Dr. Scott  Sargent

Dr. Andrea Giffen


Dr. Andrea Giffen grew up in Toronto and attended York Mills Collegiate.  Her family always had at least 1 dog growing up.  She admired the compassionate way their vet treated their dogs (especially the gentle way Dr. Smith removed the fish hook that was stuck in her dog’s lip because she didn’t put her fishing rod away).  This inspired her to pursue Veterinary Medicine as a career.  Andrea started working in Veterinary Hospitals after school during high school which piqued her interest in Veterinary Medicine even further.  After high school, Andrea went to the University of Guelph and obtained a Bachelor of Science in 1984 then went on to graduate from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1989.

During her summer vacations in university Andrea worked on 2 different dairy farms and she also worked as an Artificial Insemination Technician for Eastern Breeders.  After graduation Andrea started in a mixed animal practice in Alexandria for the better part of a year then opted to focus exclusively on small animal practice.   Andrea worked in Kingston for 11 years then moved to Newmarket for 5 ½ years, then Stirling for 6 ½ years and now is very happy to be a part of the Peterborough West Animal Hospital team.

Andrea considers herself a true general practitioner but with special interests in pain management and dentistry.

In her free time Andrea enjoys gardening, cottaging, boating and curling.  She has a Miniature Poodle named Dottie, 2 cats named Mini and Piggy and an African Grey Parrot named Simon.  Andrea is in the process of moving to the west end of Peterborough.

Photo of  Dr. Andrea  Giffen