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Preparing Your Dog for Holiday Guests: Part 2

December 15, 2018

Management during the holidays

The second part of an effective set up for your dog during the holidays is good management.

Keep your dog comfortable—  We at Peterborough West Animal Hospital understand that not all dogs care for guests, if this is the case in your home make sure to have a crate ready for him in a quiet spot, such as bedroom with a closed door.  Alternatively, keep him in a place where he can feel comfortable and not interact with guests, such as a bedroom, laundry room or other area that is closed off with a door or baby gate.  The holidays are busy and this is not the time to allow people to interact with your dog if the dog isn’t comfortable, as this can increase the anxiety he is feeling.

Provide distractions—  Have a variety of items ready for your dog, to occupy his time, while you visit with your guests. This can include food stuffed toys such as a Kong with “Kong Stuff ‘N” available at Peterborough West Animal hospital, puzzles, chews such as “Veggiedent” chew sticks (also available at Peterborough West Animal Hospital), and/or a favourite toy.   Always give your dog an item such as this in a safe place and supervise any interaction if children will be visiting.

Exercise, exercise, exercise—  According to the team at Peterborough West Animal Hospital you cannot exercise your dog enough during these busy times. As the saying goes, “A good dog is a tired dog.” The more physical exercise your dog gets, the less rambunctious when people come to visit, and there’s a good chance after greeting guests he’ll be more than happy to crawl up on his bed or crate and take a nap.  Remember we have the free off-leash dog park for your pet’s enjoyment at Peterborough West Animal hospital open 24 hours a day.

If you find you need help with training the behaviors we’ve discussed, you can call Peterborough West Animal Hospital (705-745-4800) and book an appointment for more advice.


The Team at Peterborough West Animal Hospital wishes you the best holiday season ever.

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