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Fall Dangers and Your Pet #4

November 20, 2017


There are several different types of chemicals in mouse and rat poisons, all with different active ingredients. Many of these mouse and rat baits are toxic and can be deadly if ingested. If your dog ingests any rodenticides, bring him to Peterborough West Animal Hospital immediately .  Try and take the label or box that rodenticide came with so the doctors at Peterborough West Animal Hospital can assess the active ingredient and whether it is toxic. When placing rodenticides, it is imperative to keep them away from your pets!

Compost bins or piles

Piles of decomposing and decaying organic matter and molding food products in your backyard compost pile have the potential to contain “tremorgenic mycotoxins” meaning molds which cause tremors. Even small amounts ingested can result in tremors or seizures within 30 minutes to several hours.

If you think your pet has been foraging in your compost bin, be sure to call the team at Peterborough West Animal Hospital to determine if your pet should be seen right away.

Doctors Sargent, Giffen and Purvis, and the entire team at Peterborough West Animal Hospital hope this helps all our pet parents out there be more aware of some of the possible fall pet hazards. So get out there with you pets and enjoy the beautiful weather with safety and caution. Our goal at Peterborough West Animal Hospital is to always keep our pets safe and healthy. As much as we love seeing them walk in through out doors, we prefer to help avoid “sick” trips to the veterinarian.

Happy fall everyone!


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