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Water Safety for Dogs

August 11, 2017

It’s great to enjoy summer with your pet.  Because we want you to have a safe and happy summer, the team at Peterborough West Animal Hospital brings you a few water safety tips for you and your dogs.  Be safe and have fun!

Not all dogs are excellent swimmers by nature; especially if Fido has underlying health problems, such as heart disease or obesity to contend with.  Consider protecting your pet just as your human family — with a life preserver.

Provide easy ins and outs.  Not all dogs can navigate ladders as adeptly as we do.  Make sure any body of water in which you choose to play has surfaces that allow your pet to easily get out of the water when he tires.

Don’t allow your pet to drink the water – chlorinated water, salt water and even lake water can still make your pet ill.  Bring along water that is safe for drinking, and be sure your dog stays hydrated enough that he won’t be tempted to taste the water he is swimming in.

End with a shower.  The chemicals in pools and the bacteria in lakes can both be irritation to your pet’s skin.  Be sure to end your day with a thorough rinse in clean water to get rid of potential irritants!
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