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Pet First Aid Kits

June 21, 2017

The first thing that we always stress to pet parents is to contact Peterborough West Animal Hospital (705-745-48900) immediately with any pet emergency. First-aid is not a substitute for veterinary care; however, it may save your pet’s life until you can reach us or the local veterinarian. Any first aid administered to your pet should be followed by immediate veterinary care. Your pet first aid kit Your Pet First Aid Kit should include:

Pet emergency contact list It is important to have any necessary contact information at your fingertips for dealing with a pet emergency. Even if you have memorized these numbers, in times of distress much of what we know is difficult to remember. Your list should include:

Pet emergency paperwork It is always helpful to know your pet’s latest  vaccination  status, and keep appropriate medical records. Many times, in a state of emergency, it is hard to remember everything you need. If your pet’s paperwork is easily accessible in your Pet First Aid Kit, this will be helpful for the veterinarians and their staff for immediate treatment in an emergency.  The records should include:

P.S. You can download all of this information off your pet’s Petly page – call for more information about this service. Pet emergency medications  Keeping some  medications  in your Pet’s First Aid Kit can be helpful in emergency situations, but it is important to consult with Drs. Scott Sargent, Andrea Giffen or Rachel Purvis regarding the appropriate dosing and whether  these medications  are safe or indicated for your pet:

We hope this helps everyone be a little more prepared and less panicked in case of a pet emergency. Having the essentials to deal with an emergency will help you feel more secure and ready to care for your beloved pet. Please update your Pet First Aid Kit every 6 months to make sure you have everything you need, and medications are not expired. And remember to keep the kit out of the reach of children. Keeping our pets safe and healthy is always our top priority at Peterborough West Animal Hospital.
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