KVEC Partnership With Peterborough West Animal Hospital


Brought to you by Peterborough West Animal Hospital


Peterborough West Animal Hospital and Kawartha Veterinary Emergency Clinic (KVEC) are committed to providing excellent care for your pet.  Peterborough West Animal Hospital is open during the day to provide care and preventive medicine and KVEC is open 6 pm to 8am weekdays and 24 hours on weekends and holidays for emergencies. This partnership ensures that your pet has access to high quality medicine 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Peterborough West Animal Hospital has partnered with Kawartha Veterinary Emergency Clinic for several reasons:


  1. KVEC is the ONLY accredited emergency clinic in the Peterborough area.
  2. Emergency medicine is their sole focus.
  3. Their veterinarians have a combined 120 years of emergency experience.
  4. KVEC is equipped with state of the art equipment including:  digital radiographs, oxygen stations in the exam room and treatment area, in-house blood machines, toxicology tests and ECG monitors which allow them to start life-saving treatment immediately.
  5. KVEC also has highly trained registered veterinary technicians and receptionists as part of their health care team.

Peterborough West Animal Hospital works closely with KVEC to ensure your pet’s medical care is our top priority.  As a team we can always be there for you and your beloved pet.

“Dexter”, KVEC’s blood donor cat, in their oxygen cage



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