Fall Ticks

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Fall means an increase in the pesky pests!

Beautiful fall days are meant to be enjoyed – go ahead take your dog out and enjoy the great outdoors.  Remember though, your dog isn’t the only one who’s happy to be out in the cooler weather.  Cooler weather means tick numbers are on the rise.  Fortunately you can help protect your pup from the ticks and Lyme disease that they can spread.

Vaccinations: If you pet is going to be in an area where ticks are endemic, there is a vaccine to prevent your dog from contracting Lyme disease.  Discuss this with our veterinarians.  Lyme disease is not the only disease ticks can carry.

Tick Repellant Products: Because ticks can host a variety of diseases, your pup requires protection.  At Peterborough West Animal Hospital we can help you with choosing the proper tick protection product.  Because of potential of adverse interactions, please consult us before applying any product to your pet.  It is crucial to note that the dog tick repellants must never to be applied to cats – they are toxic to them!

Careful Monitoring: The final step in protecting your family (furry and other) is checking your dog regularly.  If you do find a tick, remove it and bring it to us for identification.   Peterborough West Animal Hospital carries the “Tick Twister” that is designed to remove ticks – even those that are already attached to your pet – carefully and as hygienically as possible.

Removal: Please view the links listed below for a how to” on the safe removal of a tick.  There are two methods, one with a Tick Twister (recommended by Peterborough West Animal Hospital) and one with plain tweezers.  Please note that the twisting method is specific to the Tick Twister product and should not be done when using plain tPeterborough West AH Tick Twister2weezers.

Tick Twister Method

Plain Tweezer Method

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