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January 30, 2014



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Does your pet’s mouth smell not so sweet?  A bad odour can be a sign of serious problems for your pet, such as periodontal disease (dental disease) or an infection caused by advanced dental disease.

PREVENTION: The Best Medicine

You can prevent bad breath and dental disease with regular oral care.  The best way to keep your pet’s mouth healthy is by brushing, but we know that is not always possible so we do have other suggestions such as dental diets, oral hygiene rinses, water additives and safe chew toys to help keep your pet’s mouth clean.






S igns your pet is suffering from dental disease:

TREATMENT: What your Vete rinarian will do

The veterinarians at Peterborough West Animal Hospital will conduct a thorough head-to-toe exam as well as a comprehensive oral exam.  If the doctors identify signs of dental disease they may recommend preanaesthetic testing; this may include blood work and urinalysis to ensure your pet is a candidate for anaesthesia.  It is necessary for our pets to be anaesthetized for our veterinarians to fully diagnose the source of the problem and take steps to correct it.

Remember, untreated dental problems in pets have been linked to serious medical problems, including heart, liver and kidney disease.  So if you notice bad breath or other signs of dental disease, schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.


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