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Is a Treat Really Just a Treat?

December 5, 2013




Is a Treat Really Just a Treat?


The Calories in the treats we give our pets can quickly add up before we even realize, if your dog eats 1 oz of cheese it is the equivalent to an average women eating 2 ½ hamburgers!  There are much healthier choices for treats including carrots, one quarter of an apple or low calorie treats that can be given to your pet in moderation.  Another idea is to withhold part of your pet’s daily ration and put in a “treat” jar, most pets won’t know the difference.  There are many ways to reward your pets, you can give them verbal praise and attention, take them for a walk or come up with some fun games to play.  At Peterborough West Animal Hospital we encourage you to take an active role in controlling our pet’s daily calorie intake, (including counting the calories when our pets help clean up the floor after our kids eat supper).  The team at Peterborough West Animal Hospital will be happy to calculate how many calories your pet needs in a day as well as recommend a diet that is best suited for your pet.  It can be difficult to resist your pet’s begging eyes or that sad little meow but reducing your pet’s calories can greatly reduce health risks such as diabetes, arthritis and other life threatening diseases. There are many ways to show our pets we love them above and beyond treats – we just need to be a little creative!


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