Canine Influenza Virus

Dr. Sargent and Dr. Giffen from Peterborough West Animal Hospital would like to share some facts on Canine Influenza with all of our dog lovers out there. Canine Influenza is … Read More »

February is Dental Health awareness Month!

DENTAL DISEASE IN DOGS AND CATS   THE STAGES OF PERIODONTAL (DENTAL) DISEASE:               STAGE 1:  Early Gingivitis (gum disease):  Changes here are reversible with dental treatment. Inflammation (redness) of entire … Read More »

New Years DON’TS for your Pet

Peterborough West Animal Hospital’s New Year’s DON’TS for your Pet Each New Year we’re inundated with lists of things to do, buy, and become. We read these lists, make promises … Read More »

Cold Weather Tips for Dogs

Cold Weather Tips for Dogs From the Team at Peterborough West Animal Hospital Despite the popular misconception, fur alone is not enough to protect dogs from the elements.  The fact … Read More »